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Aug 28 2014

James and Gibb

Who is Gibb? James knows. But James is leaving the RCF tomorrow. But he’s giving us an entertaining send-off. James has been pacing the hall and yelling funny sayings such as, “My medication is crazy! I’m going to die!” Poor fella.


Should the sad clown go back to school?

Aug 25 2014

Life Is Too Short

Life is too short. How? Old age, accidents, murders, disease, etc. Everyone is either getting older or is dying. I want to live longer than my life expectancy. Even if I lived for billions of years, well, that wouldn’t work out for me very well, considering the sun will burn out and the Milky Way will collide with other galaxies, and a lot of other happenings wouldn’t allow me to live that long; I don’t know what I’d do anyway. OK, I don’t want to type any more about this subject.

Aug 22 2014
I accidentally took this selfie.

I accidentally took this selfie.

Aug 20 2014
How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.
— Marcus Aurelius

Aug 19 2014

Text Messages

I decided to texted an old friend, Jamie, to hear what she’s been up to. Here’s the transcript:

Me: Jamie. How the heck are ya?


Me: Congrats on your marriage and german children.

I’m not quite sure why she told me that she’s married with German childrens (sic) if I had the wrong number, that I was a stranger.

Aug 13 2014

She Thought I Didn’t Like Her

Debbie thought I didn’t like her. A group of us residents at the Residential Care Facility entered the van and headed the short distance into town. (The RCF is a few miles from town, on a highway.) I was going to the gym, but it was closed for repairs and our driver had forgotten to drop me off there anyway, so I went to the medical clinic/hospital with the other two residents, both there for physical therapy.

In addition to their being dropped off, we picked up Debbie, who had had surgery on her toe. I started (or did she?) a nice conversation with her, which had me sounding like a kindergarten teacher and she my student. 

"I thought you didn’t like me," she said. I asked her why not. "Because you never talk to me." I told her I don’t talk to very many people. Besides, even if I don’t like her doesn’t mean I can’t be nice polite. Even if she’s MR.

Aug 12 2014

Robin Williams

Robin Williams hanged himself, apparently stemming from his bouts with depression.

I’ve been at war with my own depressive states for a long time. Everything has a surreal, ominous feel to it. All is gloomy, and there is no hope and are helpless. The sufferer cries and feels sorry for anything and everything. 

That, at least, has been my experience. Robin Williams may have experienced depression qualitatively different than mine, but he certainly, or so it seems certain to me, that his mental illness was much like mine.

I never liked his stand-up comedy, but many of his movies could be ranked as some of my favorites. Regardless of my opinions on his performing art, my most deeply felt opinion is my hope that Williams’s tragic death will motivate people to support research into ways to treat or even cure mental illness.

Aug 09 2014
Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds.

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It’s tough to be fascinating.

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